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A lady just bought 7 pairs of Emma 27014, first time!!!

She is VERY happy

Vxx, UK


I bought several pairs of your trousers from Up and Above in Jersey and love them.  I live in Kent, South East England and would like to know where in the UK I can purchase your clothing.

Many thanks

G. Toms, UK


I live in the LauRie pants I purchased in Sweden and am hoping to buy some more. The catalogue will be appreciated as well as on line ordering. Thank you for a quality and stylish trouser in lager size.

Christina, USA



I live in the Uk near Milton Keynes. I bought two pairs of your jeans in a shop in Lymington, Hampshire. They are the most comfortable trousers I've ever worn. Could you possibly tell me if there are any shops that stock your range of clothes in my area. I look forward to hearing from you.,


Dianne, UK


Dear LauRie,

I just spoke to you a few minutes ago re searching for your trousers in the UK....I had bought mine in NY and love them, wearing them every day. I love the way they are so simple and can go with anything and can be suitable for all occasions! It seems mine may be Emma. Do you have anyone here in London or near London in the UK? Thank you so much for your attention

Best wishes,

Natasha, UK


Dear LauRie,

I was on holiday from England to Vaxholm in Sweden last week and bought the best pair of trousers I have had in years. I now want more! Can you tell me where in England I can buy your cut-off trousers. I bought the cream colour, and would like any other colour. I LOVE YOUR CLOTHES. I just do not fit normal English sizes, and it was such a delight to get a pair of trousers that could have been made for me.

Yours very hopefully,

Henrietta, England


I bought a pair at Ann Ahn in NYC but live in Los Angeles so I was hoping there was a closer store. Thank you for the information. I do love the Emma pants.

Karen Z


My Alice jeans mith Magic Slim fit are the most comfortable I've ever worn.

Fiona, England


Dear Ina, hmm, I bet you had a great time in Paris!!!! Ina, I would like to add a couple more pants to the reorder. My customers love them fo summer, I'll attach the file. Thank you very much.

Natasha, New York


I am delighted to have discovered your range of trousers and bought three pairs from UK retailer Loose Ends in Hampshire. But I want more!! Size 36 Length 27 Daisy cut. This style is perfect (no waistband) and I cannot trace more.

I have brown, grey and black - can I order more - any colour, direct from you please?

Many thanks for your help.

Susan, England


Hello, 2 years ago I bought the fantastic Emma pants you make…..

I will be in Aalborg on Friday and I would like to know if you can recommend shops that carry these pants size 38. Can you do that??? I am a fan!!! and I live in Peru, so it is quite far!!!!

I thank you in advance.

Michele, Peru


Hi Dear, I have a girlfriend in USA, where can she find your pants? She lives in Ma. Boston. Is there a website in US where she can order your pants? or a store that she can order from.......... Ps. I love the pants

Thanks for your help.

Tina, Sweden


Hello! I am a very satisfied customer having used LauRie clothing for a number of years. I am very happy with the consistent quality and accurate sizing and also the lovely styling of your clothes.....

Beverly Clark, Norway