Knowledge sharing at LauRie

Knowledge sharing at LauRie

Two international classes from Via University College came to visit LauRie at the end of November.

The students are to write an assignment within the topic supply chain management with focus on marketing, sales and logistic s. The assignment is based on a case about LauRie.

The students therefore visited us to get an evaluation on how LauRie handles the various processes within the topic.

Once the students have finished their projects they will revisit us to present their assignment work. At LauRie we look very much forward to hearing the results of the assignments.

Via University College is just one of several educational institutions that have paid LauRie a visit this autumn. We have also had the pleasure to welcome several local business school classes.

At LauRie we like to share our knowledge and give the young students an insight into the business world. Therefore, we will also in the future be open to visits from various educational institutions where we feel able to contribute with inspiration and input.