New ownership structure

Cooperation with the private equity fund Industri Udvikling

New strong cooperation with the private equity fund Industri Udvikling to strengthen the next journey of growth for the clothing company LauRie in Risskov, Denmark.

Industri Udvikling has bought 40% of the shares in LauRie and now owns the company along with Lena and Henrik Hansen, who since 2005 have had the full ownership.


The new ownership structure will not lead to any changes in Laurie's management or corporate strategy. The new co-owners want to continue the development of LauRie in accordance with the existing strategy, where the goal is a continuous expansion of the European network of customers and an increased focus on sustainability.


For years now the growth of LauRie has been significant and we look forward to the new collaboration with Industri Udvikling which Lena and Henrik sees as the optimum partner on their journey, where the right chemistry and expertise has been crucial to their choice of precisely Industri Udvikling.


There will be some changes in the board. Dan Højgaard Jensen from Industri Udvikling will join the board and Joachim Trend Hansen and Michael Lindberg will resign. In addition to Lena and Henrik Hansen, René Foli will continue on the board and we will be looking for a new chairman.


LauRie designs and produces clothing for women and in addition to two fashion collections each year LauRie has one of Europe's widest range of reorder trousers for immediate delivery throughout the year.


The LauRie brand is sold in more than 1100 retail shops and department stores in more than 20 countries. Since the beginning in 1987, LauRie has successfully managed to obtain a position as an established part of the fashion industry, see more on