Danish People’s Aid

LauRie supports the Danish People’s Aid

At LauRie, we believe that care and humanity are important values, also when you run a business. That is why we have chosen to support the Danish People’s Aid. The Danish People’s Aid is a humanitarian organization with focus on helping marginalized people in Denmark and abroad. Their work makes a big difference for many people, who are struggling, and we would like to support that. The Danish People’s Aid started in 1907 and today they have 50 branches all over Denmark. The organization is run by 3000 volunteers who make sure to carry on with the charitable activities.

Among other things, the Danish People’s Aid helps thousands of socially and financially marginalized families with children in Denmark. The help they get comes through holiday stays, distribution of Christmas aid, home visits and other initiatives that will help and support the families in their everyday life. Besides that, the Danish People’s Aid takes on a big responsibly for fugitives in Denmark and abroad. Right now Europe is facing the biggest fugitive crisis since World War II, and many people in and around Europe are in need of help. The Danish People’s Aid helps by accommodating refugees who have just arrived in Denmark and helps those refugees who are stranded for a long time after coming to countries like Serbia. Read more about the Danish People’s Aid on their homepage www.folkehjaelp.dk.