LauRie is happy to support FANT – Football for A New Tomorrow

At LauRie we are proud to give something back to society, and it is important to us to be socially responsible. Therefore, a part of our revenue is being used to support different charity projects that we think are important. This year we have chosen to support FANT, a Danish organization run by volunteers that works on creating social and human change in Sierra Leone. This is done through activities such as football, dance, sport and games. Sierra Leone is one of the poorest countries in the world, and it needs help from other countries in a better position such as Denmark.  At LauRie we are happy to support the FANT project, that helps people in need on more levels. In March 2015, we donated an amount of money to FANT and besides that, a big surplus stock of products has been sent to Sierra Leone. The intention is that the locals will learn to sell the clothes and thereby learn how to run their own business. We follow the project closely, and look forward to be able to tell more about the changes in Sierra Leone. You can read much more about FANT on their homepage